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📣📣 Me Kiavila's article was commented and selected as part of the PLSC at Unil.

📢📢📢📢We are extremely pleased to announce that Me Carmen Kiavila's paper entitled

"Life and Death of personal data, how the law deals with our personal data?" was selected to be commented at the first Swiss edition of the PLSC conférences held on 14 and 15 September 2023 at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

➡️➡️What is PLSC?

✒️✒️ 🎤🎤PLSC is a paper workshop conference. PLSC follows a format where a discussant, rather than the author, introduces and leads a discussion on the paper. There are no panels nor talking heads, and everyone is a “participant”. Thus, conference participants will be expected to read the papers of the sessions they attend in advance to ensure high-quality discussions.

📗📗The paper of Me Carmen Kiavila was selected and Me Kiavila contributed to the conferences. Me Kiavila had the honor to receive valuable insights from Professor Michael Birnhack from Tel Aviv University and Mr Tal Morse from Hadassah College Jerusalem who are both internationally recognised references on these subjects.

🎓Me Kiavila commented the paper of a brilliant Mexican lawyer, Mr Mauricio Figuerao based in Newcastle in UK completing his PHD , Mr Mauricio Figuerao paper was also about post-mortem data protection.

🎓The paper was commented by Lina Jasmontaite who is a legal researcher based in Geneva and completing her PHD in Brussels.

Me Kiavila is super excited to work more deeply and academically through her paper and to have received such valuable insights and will do her best to publish it very soon.

The countries present during these conferences were:

The United States, Belgium, Israel, Mexico, India, China, France, Switzerland...


I also wanted to thank the Professor Sylvain Metille for the very high quality of the event.

#PLSC #Phd+Renowned professors and researchers #postmortemdataprotection

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